In this issue:
  1. Cryptocurrencies & the Czech financial market 
  2. Cybersecurity is about risk assessment
  3. European Parliament election to significantly alter dynamics during the next legislative mandate
  4. M&A: Impacts on hedging operations
  5. Interview with Andy Bates, Global Cyber Alliance
  6. EACT Board Meeting, March 2019
Cryptocurrencies & the Czech financial market
Digital currency does not have the official currency status according to the Czech legislation. Based on the instructions of the Ministry of Finance, Bitcoins should be registered as stocks of their kind. Despite this legislative view, the Czech Republic belongs to the group of countries where payments through cryptocurrencies are being utilised the most.
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Cybersecurity is about risk assessment

Ensuring cyber-risk is part of a necessary approach to risk prevention and regulatory compliance. It follows a classic risk management cycle and is supported by various open source tools. Find out how treasurers can better monitor and manage these risks.

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European Parliament election to significantly alter dynamics during the next legislative mandate
Overall, the make-up of the next EP is likely to be very different to the current chamber, with more fragmentation likely to require more cooperation – and horse-trading in policymaking – between the main pro-European forces in the EP – the centre-left, the centre-right, the Liberals, the Greens – in order to secure stable majorities.
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M&A: Impacts on hedging operations
According to the Global Transactions Forecast 2019 study, M&A activity is expected to remain high in 2019 - estimated at USD 2900 billion - despite rising rates and anticipated economic slowdown. This article serves as a reminder on the guidance applicable under IFRS related to the hedging operations of the acquiree. 
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"By sharing what you see about incoming attacks, you are stronger"
Andy Bates talks to the EACT Cybersecurity Working Group about why corporate finance professionals need to share information about cyber attacks.
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EACT held its Board meeting after its third Summit
Following the third EACT Summit in La Hulpe in the Brussels suburbs on 7 and 8 March 2019, EACT held its semi-annual board of directors as well as its annual general meeting. 
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