A Whistlestop Tour of DACT’s Autumn Events

This autumn, DACT hosted three remarkable events!

Each event highlighted different facets of treasury, emphasizing expertise and empowering future leaders and women in finance. These gatherings showcase DACT’s commitment to mentorship and knowledge-sharing, treasury innovation and professional excellence in finance.

Empowering women in Treasury: DACT’s Amsterdam event at EY

In October, DACT's event at EY Amsterdam featured a women-only Personal and Professional Development session. Judith de Bruijn led a session "Colour Model & Charisma", followed by recruiters Josephine van der Vossen-Jonker and Ingrid Reichmann (Partners at Work) discussing reaching C-suite positions, board structures, and achievement showcasing skills. Adding an extra layer of inspiration to the event, was an empowering role model story from Zeynep Deldag, FS Consulting Leader & EMEIA Chief Innovation Officer at EY Netherlands!

Watch this video for an impression: https://youtu.be/yQQj-r9tU8k

DACT Academy 2nd edition was a success!

In early November, the DACT Academy gathered experts exploring finance, risk management, geopolitics, AI, and innovative strategies. The second edition of this event was an enriching experience, featuring presentations by several academics from renowned universities from the Netherlands and abroad:

  • Menno Middeldorp (Rabobank) explored geopolitical shifts impacting corporate treasurers.
  • Mona de Boer (PwC) highlighted key AI applications in Corporate Treasury.
  • Abe de Jong from the University of Groningen shared invaluable lessons from the past in risk management and corporate finance.
  • Svetlana Borovkova delved into the fundamentals of derivatives valuation, while Prof. Dr. Herbert Rijken from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam provided insights into the inner workings of rating agencies and their methodologies.
  • Rick Schreurs and Jeroen Van Hulten showcased ASML’s 96% accuracy with AI-driven FX exposure forecasting, while Ákos Hajagos-Tóth (Sustainalytics) discussed ESG risk ratings and sustainability's rise in decisions.
  • David Kraft and Erwin Smit (Marsh) explored the vital link between treasury and insurance.
  • Stanley Myint (University of Oxford) delved into Interest Rate Risk and Counterparty Risk Management and expertly covered two topics from the “Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management”.
  • Daniël Poolen (Rabobank) shared the tools for treasurers to help their company transition based on the latest developments in sustainable finance. He also presented interesting client cases and gave a glimpse into the future of sustainable finance.
  • Marita Bruning talked about the relationship between working on equity and risk management. She used a business case of working on Diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) and turned it around, to show that if you are not working on DEI you actually have the risks. Her DEI session smoothly transitioned into engaging storytelling training from Debat.nl.

The Academy concluded with a celebratory certificate award ceremony, acknowledging the accomplishments of program completers. In summary, DACT Academy 2023 was a symphony of innovation, insights, and connection!

DACT marked its 27th milestone with an energetic Young Treasurers event!

On November 22nd, DACT marked its 27th anniversary uniquely. We gathered 27 aspiring treasurers to present visionary €1 billion bond pitches. Mentored by industry leaders Sander de Vries and Lotte Coppelmans, the event highlighted participants' drive and creativity, shaping a momentous celebration with ambition for the future of treasury.


Photo from What Will the Bank of the Future Look Like?

What Will the Bank of the Future Look Like?

Here are some key aspects of what the bank of the future might look like.

Photo from The LEI: Unlocking the Benefits of a Secure Payments Ecosystem for Corporate Treasurers

The LEI: Unlocking the Benefits of a Secure Payments Ecosystem for Corporate Treasurers

The EACT has been advocating for a digital identity for Corporates for many years now. We believe that, Corporates, like individuals, must have a single identity which help them to identify itself and identify third parties as well in this digital era.

Photo from LkSG Relevant for Treasury on a Case-by-case Basis

LkSG Relevant for Treasury on a Case-by-case Basis

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) creates the legal framework to improve the protection of the environment and human rights along German supply chains. GACT spoke to Dr. Julia Sitter (White & Case LLP) about the relevance and need for action by treasury departments.

Photo from CMU, The Come-Back!

CMU, The Come-Back!

The Capital Market Union, which was one of the main objectives of the Vander Leyen Commission, is back in the limelight, and is likely to become a priority for the next Commission next summer.

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What Will be the Corporate Treasurer's Priorities for 2024?

General insights into the common priorities of corporate treasurers that will still be relevant in 2024.