2019 Euro PP Charter 


Following the recommendations of a working group involving representatives of issuers, investors, arrangers and other stakeholders, the new 2019 Euro PP Charter provides for:

  • a simplification and standardisation of the documents, such as the indicative marketing term sheet, the issuer's presentation file, the ESG issuer questionnaire and the KYC list;
  • an accelerated process allowing eligible companies to complete their Euro PP within a timeframe of approximately 6 weeks between the launch of the transaction and its funding;
  • a promotion of best practices to increase efficiency and facilitate exchanges between issuers, arrangers and investors, in particular through digitisation;
  • "green", "social" or "sustainable" Euro PPs when justified by the use of proceeds;
  • a more precise definition, specifying that a Euro PP usually ranges from about 10 million to several hundred million euros and that it aims at financing or refinancing a company’s development while keeping its leverage ratio at a reasonable level

Download the Euro PP Charter (October 2019)