The EACT has welcomed and strongly supported the FX Global Code for the wholesale foreign exchange market since its launch in May 2017.  This initiative is strengthening the integrity and effectiveness of the FX market. 
A number of associations, members of the EACT, support adherence to the Code by the FX market and are promoting the Code to their members, by encouraging them to evolve their institutions’ FX practices to be consistent with the principles in the Code.

The EACT has now established a registry to allow non-financial corporations to register their adherence to the code, you will find their record of adherence below.

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Name of the Market Participant Date of admission to the EACT register View statement Date Signed Market participant type
Shell Treasury Centre Limited2018062626 Jun 20182018031313 Mar 2018Corporate treasury department
Total S.A.2018062626 Jun 20182018050303 May 2018Corporate treasury department
RTL Group SA2018062929 Jun 20182018062828 Jun 2018Corporate treasury department
Siemens AG2018070202 Jul 20182017071414 Jul 2017Corporate treasury department
Airbus2018071111 Jul 20182018051818 May 2018Corporate treasury department
Telefonica SA2019100202 Oct 20192019100202 Oct 2019Corporate treasury department
Financière Rémy Cointreau S.A.2018071313 Jul 20182018071313 Jul 2018Corporate treasury department
Air Liquide Finance SA2018072626 Jul 20182018072020 Jul 2018Corporate treasury department
SITA SCRL2018073131 Jul 20182018073131 Jul 2018Corporate treasury department
Bayer AG2018112222 Nov 20182018112222 Nov 2018Corporate treasury department
Daimler AG2018121111 Dec 20182018101717 Oct 2018Corporate treasury department
Tesco plc2019022626 Feb 20192019022626 Feb 2019Corporate treasury department
PUMA SE2019050303 May 20192019042323 Apr 2019Corporate treasury department
Drax Group plc2022043030 Apr 20222022043030 Apr 2022Corporate treasury department

The latest version of the Global FX code was issued in July 2021. If you have any questions about the EACT FX Code register, please contact fxglobalcode@eact.eu

The EACT assumes no responsibility for (a) verifying the accuracy or validity of a market participant’s Statement, or (b) monitoring adherence to the Code by market participants listed in the register, or (c) verifying whether market participants are within the defined scope of market participants covered by the public register.