EACT data privacy policy

The European Association of Corporate Treasurers stores data related Treasury professionals in order

  • to send them its newsletter
  • to propose them to participate to surveys
  • to invite them to conference calls and training sessions on Treasury and regulatory matters
  • to propose them to participate to conferences

The data stored about an individual may consist of

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Contacts details such as telephone number and postal address
  • Name of organisation employing the individual
  • Function of the individual in the organisation
  • Age or date of birth, to ensure diversity of conferences
  • Gender, to ensure diversity of conferences

The EACT will not communicate or sell its database to any other organisation without the prior consent of the individual.

Data of the participants to the EACT annual summit is communicated to the sponsors of the event.

Individuals who have received the Journeys to Treasury (JTT) report have given consent that their data be shared between the 4 JTT partners (EACT, BNP, PwC, SAP).

If you do not wish to receive specific information, please click the unsubscribe link on any electronic communication you receive. You may as well send a mail to privacy@eact.eu

Specific data related to board members of the EACT

Each National Treasury Association member of the EACT appoints a representative to the board of the EACT.

Data related to these representatives is recorded by the EACT for operational reasons and is necessary for the governing body of the EACT to function properly.

Specific data related to the FX Global code register

For each market participant applying to the EACT register, we record the contact details of the signer of the adherence, those of the person registering, as well the scanned statement of adherence or a URL linked to it, the date it was signed and optionally the national treasury association (NTA) the applicant stated to belong to.