Covid–19 Resource Centre

The current Covid-19 pandemic is impacting governments, citizens, and businesses across Europe and the globe. The pandemic has also confronted treasurers with a number of profound challenges. The EACT would like to make available to you, our member associations and member companies, an overview of some of the most relevant public policy initiatives that supervisors, regulators, and politicians are discussing or have taken to provide support for European businesses and citizens. 

There are also resources available from across some of our member associations that we would like to draw your attention to: 

In these difficult times, with many of us working under strict confinement rules, we would also like to urge you to reach out either directly to us at EACT or to your national treasury associations (here) if you would find it useful to get in touch with peers in other companies or countries to discuss the current challenges you are facing as a treasurer. 

European Institutions 

European Commission (last updated 22 July) 

Council of the EU (last updated 22 July) 

European Central Bank (last updated 09 July) 

European Securities and Markets Authority - ESMA (last updated 11 June) 

European Systemic Risk Board - ESRB (last updated 09 June) 

European Banking Authority - EBA (last updated 09 July) 

European Parliament (last updated 9 April) 

International Institutions

Financial Stability Board - FSB (last updated 09 July) 

Bank for International Settlements - BIS (last updated 23 June)

Basel Committee for Banking Supervision - BCBS (last updated 18 June) 

OECD (last updated 09 June) 

Financial Action Task Force - FATF (last updated 14 May)