16 Apr – 17 Apr 2020
EACT Summit 2020


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Complimentary, Invitation-only Event Limited to Europe’s Leading Corporate Treasurers & CFOs

The EACT Summit is an exclusive thought leadership and networking event, providing a group of 150 leading European Treasurers with the opportunity to think away from the noise, benchmark best practices, exchange with peers and shape the future of Treasury.

The delegates are individually selected by each of the 23 member associations that comprise EACT. They are either senior Treasury professionals or future leaders of Treasury.

The first three annual Summits were deemed a success by all participants, with an essential component being the selective invitation process by the 23 National Treasury Associations from 21 European countries, creating a unique combination of diversity and quality.

The EACT finances the meeting through its own funds and partners that share the thought leadership vision. Delegates are only required to cover accommodation costs for one night.

Contact your local member association to find out more.

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Brussels, Belgium