Asociación Española de Financieros y Tesoreros de Empresa

ASSET integrates over 600 CFOs, Treasurers and all professionals in the area of finance from both companies and public entities.

Association Membership:

Active members of the Association are individuals who perform their duties in Finance or Treasury. They enjoy the rights of any activities and organsised events the Association has to offer.

The associates are those legal persons interested in Treasury Management, and are generally financial and software providers, consultants. They appoint a person to represent them, but have no voting rights.

Associate Members are interested in the activities of Financial Management and Treasury but are not professionals involved in the financial departments of the company. These members may participate in all activities of the Association, but have no voting rights.

The Board currently has 21 members who are elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years.

Education & Training

The association offers:

  • Workshops: Sessions in which a speaker presents an issue of financial management and allowing for discussion among 5-15 attendees.
  • Forums, Symposia: Meetings of approximately 150 participants during which a topic of relevance is discussed by a panel or through individual presentations by various specialists.
  • Seminars: Specialized all day sessions of 15-20 participants during which a teacher addresses a theme about day to day financial management and treasury.

Other Activities:

Documentation Service created to supply publications, books, documents etc.

Inquiry Service: a virtual forum of questions and answers between partners, thus exchanging experiences and information on topics of interest to the financial departments of companies, constituting a benchmarking between financing professionals.

Technical Commissions: retail payments, management control, fraud, ethics in business, international taxation.

Awards: ASSET aims to promote and distinguish excellence in the finance function, to the implementation of original financial solutions having contributed to the success of the Financial Department and therefore the company itself.

Financial excellence awards are granted for Companies and professionals periodically.


The Board currently has 21 members who are elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years.

Josep Badía (President)
Luis Calaf (General Secretary)
Santiago Masiá


ASSET News Magazine is the method of communication between the Association and its members, published every four months. Since 1993, over 70 numbers have been providing articles case studies from within Spain and internationally. The magazine aims to be a participatory body, encouraging members of the Association to collaborate on the content of each issue in connection with the Treasury Management, Finance and Financial Markets, to both inform and teach our readers.

Annual Conference

The Treasury and Finance Conference held each year brings together numerous professionals and renowned speakers to address topical issues related to the overall economy and finance or treasury in particular.

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