Associazione Italiana Tesorieri d' Impresa

Association Membership

In 2019, AITI has 795 members divided in three categories:

  • Ordinary members: 586 representing 468 companies
  • Auxiliary members: 196
  • Honorary members: 13

Membership Criteria

Ordinary members are individuals who perform their duties in Treasury or Finance of private and public enterprises.
Auxiliary members are employees/managers of banks, financial institutions, software providers, and consultants or employees/managers of private and public enterprises not performing their duties in Finance or Treasury.Honorary members are members who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service to the Association and embody AITI ideals.

Education and Training

Education program with Modena Reggio Emilia University.
School Project: free teaching activity in treasury management basics in commercial high schools.
Workshops on specific topics of treasury and financial management.
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Other Activities

Technical Commissions, formed by a limited numbers of members and non-members of the association, to follow specific topics: payments systems and e-business, taxation.
Regional delegations to develop the association activity at regional level.


The Directors Board has fifteen members who are elected by the General Assembly for a three years term.The Chairman is elected by Directors Board for a period of one year.
The Auditors Board has three members who are elected by the General Assembly for a three years term.

Association Journal and/or Publications

Annual Conference

The Treasury and Finance Forum Day held each year collects 500 professionals and 30 sponsors to address, in different streams, relevant issues related to treasury, finance and economy.
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Association General & Technical Enquiries

Tel: +39 02 809686
Address: Via Natale Battaglia, 3720127 Milano - Italy

Date of association formation: 1992
Date association joined EACT: 2002

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