Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers


DACT, the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers, is the professional association for (corporate) treasurers and other treasury professionals in the Netherlands. The Association has around 750 members who work for multinationals, and large and medium-sized enterprises as well as the government and non-profit organisations. DACT fosters the professional development of its members, offers a network within which treasury professionals feel connected with each other, and facilitates a platform for the exchange of information and the deepening of knowledge.

Membership Criteria:

Membership is open to those who (1) possess relevant experience and knowledge in the treasury field and (2) at the time of applying for membership, either work in the treasury sector (verified by a contract of employment) or have daily involvement in treasury activities within their organisation or institution, other than as a consultant or advisor.

The association offers:

Education and training

DACT Academy

This prestigious two-day event offers a tailored academic program designed to enrich the knowledge of both young treasurers and more experienced professionals. This event focuses on bringing (back) the academic angle to a treasurer’s work while taking into account her/ his day-to-day practice and features presentations by academics from renowned universities from the Netherlands and abroad.

The program encompasses a Meet & Greet, dinner, lunch, and overnight accommodations, all conducted in English. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

PEP (Personal Education Programme)

Under its PEP banner (Permanent Education Programme) DACT regularly offers training events covering specific topics. The PEP programme deals not only with traditional professional topics (such as cash management, hedging, interest rate management, loan documentation and the management of working capital) but also new subjects, such as Fintech, cybercrime, etc. A PEP lasts on average 2 – 3 hours. The number of participants ranges from 25 to 50.

Summer Conference

The (annual) Summer Conference brings together numerous members and renowned speakers to address topical issues related to the overall economy, particularly finance or treasury. The number of participants ranges from 100 to 150.

Treasury Fair

The DACT Treasury Fair is the event for treasurers and other (financial) professionals. The Fair offers practical workshops and professionally-related presentations on current trends and developments, as well as information on the latest solutions, products and techniques in the sector. The number of participants averages 600.

Other Activities

Women in Treasury

Our vision is to create a vibrant community of successful women who are dedicated to learning, growth, and sharing and our mission is to empower women in Treasury to reach their full potential and achieve professional success by providing a safe space for knowledge exchange and support each other. This network aims to stimulate diversity in Treasury, foster professional development and recognize the accomplishments of women in the workplace. We strive to provide resources, education, and support to empower women in treasury to achieve their aspirations and contribute to the success of their organizations.

Young Treasurers

A specific network group was established at the beginning of 2014: the “DACT Young Treasurers”. This network group wants to offer an informal and, above all, very accessible platform to the "younger" members within the DACT and members who have up to 5 years of experience in the treasury profession. The idea is that you find sparring partners at the right level and that you make contact with enthusiastic colleagues who you can also approach more easily outside the DACT events to exchange ideas about current treasury issues.

Interim Treasurers

A growing number of DACT members are no longer tied to one employer, but they offer their services as interim treasury specialists. This trend is evident in all functions within the treasury profession: cash managers, treasury managers, treasury control specialists, system implementation experts, investor relations specialists, treasury analysts, and specialists in payment traffic. DACT has set up the DACT Interim Treasury Platform for this growing group of interim treasury specialists.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee deals with relevant law and regulations, and other professional matters. It consists of a minimum of 5 members from diverse disciplines who have many years’ experience in the treasury field underpinned by sound theory (including fiscal and legal). The committee is chaired by Erwin Bastianen (Nike).

Job Vacancy Bank:
DACT endeavours to place on its website as many treasury field vacancies as possible and to inform its members about them.


The Board currently has 9 members who are elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years. 

Association General Enquiries

Milena Babovic – General Manager/ Board member
Tel: +31 35 6954101
Email: management@dact.nl 
Transistorstraat 71-M
The Netherlands


Date association formed: November 1996
Date association joined EACT: from start

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